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Among college students, the legend of “student-retention-passage” is well-known and respected. Known as Casa Conachi, the building located on Carol I Boulevard is one that every passing student tries to avoid. The story is as follows: After World War Two, the building served as the Security Headquarters and became a place of imprisonment and torture for those who opposed the Communist Regime. People avoided Casa Conachi because if they ever passed by it, there was a chance they would hear the terrifying screams of the tortured. Since many of the prisoners were students, this history is the likely origin of a popular myth that claims that every student who crosses the passage will fail their university exams.

To change the students’ perception of this building, I decided to paint it in yellow and black—a powerful contrast that is often used to symbolize danger. But instead of warning messages, I used typography and icons to create a playful atmosphere. In this manner, students are now encouraged to debunk the myth.

Environmental graphics

Workshop project


Students avoiding the passage